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Portrait of a Lady 1710c.

James Francis Maubert (1666-1746)

Portrait of a Lady, James Francis Maubert
Oil on canvas
18th Century
50 x 40 inches 126 x 98 cm
This enchanting portrait by Maubert is decorated with his trademark flowers and distinctive flowing drapery. His sitter's ruddy cheeked complexion, her delicate wrists and finely posed hands are expertly portrayed to accentuate her elegance.

Maubert was much praised by contemporaries not only for his ''skilfull, well dispos''d & natural'' reproductions of ''fruits, flowers and draperies'' but for his well-honed ability to ''Paint from the life''(1). The son of French Huguenots, Maubert is said to have been born in Dublin. Although he studied under Gaspar Smitz, his stylistic traits demonstrate the influence of Kneller and Dahl. During his life the artist produced an impressive series of paintings of poets, each ''mightily'' adorned ''with flowers & Hony suckles ''(2).

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