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Portrait of a Lady, 1670s 

Circle of Justus Susterman 

Portrait of a Lady, 1670s, Circle of Justus Susterman
Oil on canvas
17th Century
27 1/2 x 22 in. (70 x 59 cm.)
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Born in Antwerp, Sustermans was a Flemish portrait painter in the tradition of Van Dyck. He became a pupil of Willem de Vos and then of F Porbus II in Paris. In 1620 he travelled to Florence where he quickly became court painter to Cosimo II, and then to Rome in 1645 eventually ending up in Innsbruck in 1653. One of his finest portraits is that of Galileo.

Museums where examples of his work may be found include: Pitti Palace in Florence, the Louvre in Paris and the National Gallery in London.
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