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Portrait of King John (1166 - 1216) from a set of eight medieval Kings 1618c.

Renold Elstrack, or after b.1570

Portrait of King John (1166 - 1216) from a set of eight medieval Kings, Renold Elstrack, or after
Oil on oak panel
17th Century
23 x 11, 60.3 x 29.8 cm
Matthew Robinson, 2nd Baron Rokeby (1712-1800), at Mount Morris, near Canterbury, Kent; C.D. Bailey by early 19th century.
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This portrait of King John belongs to set of medieval English kings, a rare survival from the corridor portrait sets of monarchs and worthies which decorated the Long Galleries of Tudor and Jacobean England. Such sets which would culminate in a portrait of the reigning monarch of the time were frequently replaced in situ by more modern portraits of the patron''s family and friends and have usually found their way to the present as single scattered instances. This set, which might originally have included a larger portrait of Queen Elizabeth I has maintained an impressice degree of integrity, and gives an excellent sense of the original impact of these installations.
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