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Portrait miniature of a Lady, 1780s 

George Engleheart (1750/3-1829)

Portrait miniature of a Lady, 1780s, George Engleheart
Watercolour on ivory
18th Century
Oval, 48 mm. high
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This characterful portrait miniature of a Lady by Engleheart dates from the late 1780s, when he was beginning to realise the full power of his draughtsmanship. The tones of white, grey and brown were perfectly suited to this period of fashionable powdered hair, pearls and white dresses for ladies.

The original frame is conceived in the shape of a pocket watch and would have been worn by a gentleman with the painted miniature side toward the body. This clever device allowed men to wear miniatures of their loved ones without revealing the portrait.

In original fausse-montre frame with split pearl border
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