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Portrait miniature of an Officer 

Andrew Plimer (c.1763-1837)

Portrait miniature of an Officer, Andrew Plimer
18th Century
Oval, 3 in. high
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Andrew Plimer was one of the most distinctive miniaturists of the late 18th century. He was a prolific artist and much copied both during and after his lifetime. Andrew and his brother Nathaniel were the sons of a Shropshire clock maker. Having rejected their fatherís trade, they ran away to London where in 1781 Andrew became a servant to Richard Cosway. Plimer assisted Cosway in his studio with the preparation of materials, and it is thought that Cosway recognised Plimerís artistic potential and gave him lessons. In 1785 Plimer left Cosway to set up on his own and quickly established himself. He exhibited at the Royal Academy from 1786-1830 and built up close connections with some of the leading miniaturists of the day. Through close observation of their techniques, Plimer was able to develop his own distinctive style. He spent most of his career in London where he built up a successful reputation as a society miniaturist.

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