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A Quarry Scene with Figures 

Julius Caesar Ibbetson (1759-1817)

A Quarry Scene with Figures, Julius Caesar Ibbetson
Oil and Canvas
18th Century
11 1/2 x 15 1/4 inches (29.5 x 39cms)
Julius Caeser Ibbetson was a leading landscape painter towards the end of the eighteenth century, perhaps best known for his scenes of rural life. His style shows clear influence from the seventeenth century Dutch naturalist painters and his work is characterised by his enigmatic depiction of figures and animals.
Ibbetson’s work shows a clear interest with the relationship between people and landscape, his work frequently depicting scenes of industry and labour, most commonly based around the Welsh landscape. Ibbetson’s connection with Wales began in 1792 when, along with John ‘Warwick’ Smith, he embarked on an extensive expedition. The works he produced in Wales during this period act as invaluable sources of social documentation, transcribing visually the scenes of industry which were so pioneered in later years by the likes of J.M.W Turner.
In the present work we see a more romanticised view of the British countryside, two figures converse in front of what is assumed to be the toils of their labour, seen in the chalk pit beyond. It is perhaps due to the horizontal composition of the painting that betrays a Dutch influence, however the distinctive combination of the earth-brown colouring and the greens observed in the foliage, reaffirms Ibbetson’s influence and awareness of the British School style.
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