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Portrait of the Earl of Mansfield (1705-1793) 1740c.

John Giles Eccardt (d.1779) after J. B. van Loo 

Portrait of the Earl of Mansfield (1705-1793), John Giles Eccardt (d.1779) after J. B. van Loo
Oil on canvas
18th Century
30 x 25 inches 76.2 x 63.5 cm
Albert R. Jones, Kansas City, Missouri USA.
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The reputation of Lord Chief Justice Mansfield has, beyond that of most of his contemporaries, retained a certain lustre to the present. His influential judgements in clarification of constitutional law, his foundation of modern commercial law, his action against slavery and his lengthy dominance of the English legal scene alone make him a towering figure among eighteenth century jurists. His appeal is increased by the partialities and complexities of his character -his refusal to act as sternly the law required against Catholics, his still-unresolved inclinations towards the Jacobites- and his patronage of Robert Adam which resulted in the magnificent rebuilding of his villa at Kenwood.
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