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Portrait miniature of a Lady 

Alfred Edward Chalon (1780-1860)

Portrait miniature of a Lady, Alfred Edward Chalon
Watercolour on ivory
19th Century
Oval, 4 ľ in (10.7 cm) high
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Alfred Edward Chalon was born in Geneva and moved to England in 1789, joining the Royal Academy Schools eight years later in 1797. Chalon enjoyed a prosperous career as a watercolour and miniature painter and exhibited over two-hundred and fifty works at the Royal Academy and British Institution between 1801-60.

It is a testament to his skill that he received royal patronage, being given the title of painter in watercolour to Queen Victoria and receiving commissions from Princess Charlotte of Wales and the Duchess of Kent to name just a few.

Chalonís interdisciplinary talents as an accomplished watercolour painter can be seen in his preference for larger pieces of ivory, as noticed in the present work, and his backgrounds sometimes display a quick and broad application of paint whilst maintaining only slight colouring in the face.

Chalon also worked in enamel, perhaps his most accomplished being The Repudiation of Hagar [Museum of Genveva].
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