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Edgar Corrie (1748-1819), wearing red coat, white waistcoat with gold, red and green embroidery 

John Smart (1741-1811)

Edgar Corrie (1748-1819), wearing red coat, white waistcoat with gold, red and green embroidery, John Smart
Watercolour on ivory
18th Century
Oval, 1 9/16 inches, 40mm high
Original gold frame with border of paste rubies

Originally a Lowland Scot, Edgar Corrie moved to Liverpool where he became a highly successful brewer and grain merchant. The portrait of him dates to the year prior to his partnership with John Gladstone Bt. (1764-1851) (father of the future Prime Minister, William Ewart Gladstone) and Jackson Bradshaw.

John Gladstone had followed his father into the mercantile business, working firstly for his father's business, before relocating himself to Liverpool in 1787, where he entered the house of grain merchants Corrie & Company as a clerk. Edgar Corrie was, at this time thriving in Liverpool, as a brewer and senior partner in a firm of corn factors. John joined him as an ambitious young man, perfect to assist him in his ambitious schemes to make a major incursion into the Liverpool corn trade. John was eventually made a partner, along with Jackson Bradshaw, the name of the firm becoming Corrie, Gladstone & Bradshaw.

When this partnership was dissolved in 1800, Corrie acted as a sole trader. From 1807 to 1813 he traded again with partners as Corrie , Annislie & co. and thereafter he brought his sons in to the business.

He wrote treatises on the Scotch Distillery Laws, Duties on Coffee and on the Corn Laws. He also wrote a pamphlet entitled War without disguise being considerations on the political and commercial relations of Great Britain and Ireland with the United States.
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