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Portrait miniature of a Gentleman, wearing brown jacket 

Henry Edridge (1769-1821)

Portrait miniature of a Gentleman, wearing brown jacket, Henry Edridge
Watercolour on ivory
Oval, 2 3/4 x 2 1/4 7cm x 5.6cm
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The present work, which has survived in remarkably good condition, clearly demonstrates Edridge’s abilities as a portrait miniaturist.

Henry Edridge was born in Paddington and was his career began after being apprenticed to the mezzotint engraver Wiliam Pether, who was also a miniaturist. From 1784 Edridge studied at the Royal Academy Schools, where his work was much admired (and acquired) by Sir Joshua Reyolds. In 1786 Edridge gained recognition after being awarded a silver medal and in the same year began exhibiting at the Academy, exhibiting a total of 261 works until his death in 1821.

As well as being a highly talented miniaturist, Edridge also painted works on paper and his small, full-length figures in landscapes gained him great repute, painting prominent figures such as Lord Nelson and Prime Minister William Pitt.
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