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Portrait of William Cobbett (1763-1835) 1816c.

Adam Buck 

Portrait of William Cobbett (1763-1835), Adam Buck
Pencil on Paper
19th Century
11 x 8 inches 28 x 20.5 cm
E.I.Carlyle, William Cobbett, 1904, pg.304 Richard Walker, Regency Portraits, vol.1 (Text), 1985, pg.116.
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This important ad-vivum drawing of William Cobbett by Adam Buck was executed as a study for an engraving. It was part of a series of portraits of parliamentary reformers called ''Of Friends to a Constitutional Reform of Parliament'' that included Sir Francis Burdett, Henry Hunt and Lord Cochrane, published by Buck c.1816. The fact that Cobbett himself signed the drawing indicates his approval. In 1817 Buck exhibited a portrait of Cobbett at the Royal Academy.

Adam Buck was the eldest son of Jonathan Buck, a silversmith of Castle Street. He worked at Cork and Dublin before moving to London in 1785 where he quickly established a reputation as one of the most skilful artists of his day. He taught portrait drawing and his fashionable clientele included the Duke of York and his mistress Mary Anne Clarke. He exhibited miniatures and watercolour portraits at the Royal Academy 1795-1833 and at the British Institution. Many of his drawings of Fancy Subjects were engraved and a series of coloured aquatint plates produced to illustrate Sterne''s Sentimental Journey. He also wrote and illustrated a work on Paintings on Greek Vases, Published in 1811.
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