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Portrait sketch of an Officer, c.1810 

Sir Henry Raeburn PRSA (1756-1823)

Portrait sketch of an Officer, c.1810, Sir Henry Raeburn PRSA
Oil on canvas
19th Century
21 x 17 in (53.3 x 43.2 cm)
In this portrait of an unknown officer the light that falls right to left across the sitter's face emphasises the modelling to suggest strength of character and purpose, and with the wind-tousled hair creates a sense of drama and an imminence to the portrait's narrative. These, along with an innate grasp of likeness, are the qualities that assured Raeburn's popularity with the gentry of his native Scotland and then - as his reputation spread - with London society. which with the , evokes presence and purpose in this portrait of an unknown As a portraitist he is perhaps at his best communicating the personality of direct and unpretentious sitters, imbued with natural power and dignity.
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