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H.H. Sir Pratab Singh, Maharajah of Nabha (1919-1995) 1940

Alfred Reginald Thomson 

H.H. Sir Pratab Singh, Maharajah of Nabha (1919-1995), Alfred Reginald Thomson
Oil on canvas
20th Century
88 x 55 inches 223.5 x 139.7 cm
Royal Academy, Summer 1940 (251)
It is unsurprising that Thomson should show such sympathy with an Indian subject, since he was born in Bangalore and spent his earliest in the Subcontinent. He then brought to England where he attended the Royal School for the Deaf and Dumb in Margate. Painting may well have been a particularly valued form of self-expression for him, and he went on study at the London Art School in Kensington. From 1920 onwards he exhibited at the Royal Academy, being elected Associate of the Royal Academy in 1938 and full RA in 1945. During the Second World War he was appointed official artist to the Royal Air Force.
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