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Portrait of Mrs James Denham, 1789 

Sir Thomas Lawrence PRA (1769-1830)

Portrait of Mrs James Denham, 1789, Sir Thomas Lawrence PRA
Chalk on paper
18th Century
18 x 12 1/4 in (45.8 x 31.2 cm)
Kenneth Garlick, 'A catalogue of the paintings,drawings and pastels of Sir Thomas Lawrence' The Walpole Society vol.XXXIX p.223
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This exquisite drawing is among Lawrence's most impressive works, and shows the delicacy and refinement of execution, and the elegance of vision which explain the artist''s complete dominance of fashionable portraiture for the next four decades. The most striking feature of the portrait, perhaps, is Mrs Denham's large and elaborate hat, a fashion of the 1780s later known as a picture hat from its prominence in the paintings of Lawrence and Thomas Gainsborough.
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