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Portrait of John Lake, Bishop of Chichester (1624 - 1689) 1670s

Mary Beale (1633-99)

Portrait of John Lake, Bishop of Chichester (1624 - 1689), Mary Beale
Oil on canvas
17th Century
29 1/2 x 24 inches 75 x 61 cms
Mary Beale's father John Cradock was a puritan clergyman as well as an amater painter, and throughout her career she enjoyed the friendship and the patronage of Protestant clergy.

John Lake shown here in the splendour of Bishop's lawn sleeves and Oxford MA hood, was a remarkable figure whose life illustrates the conflicting and divisive loyalties to which men of conscious were prey during the Civil War and afterwards. He had fought for King Charles I during the War, but opposed King James II in 1688 being one of the seven bishops committed to the Tower. His principled resistance to King James did not incline him to the Settlement of the Glorious Revolution, however, and he made an enemy of King William III by his support for a regency in favour of James''s son the infant Prince of Wales. For this he was removed from his Bishopric. He died soon after this in 1689.
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