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Portrait of Charles Calvert, 3rd Lord Baltimore 1647 - 1715, Governor of Maryland c.1700

John Closterman (1665-1711)

Portrait of Charles Calvert, 3rd Lord Baltimore 1647 - 1715, Governor of Maryland, John Closterman
Oil on canvas
18th Century
49 x 38 inches 124.5 x 97.8 cm
Caroll Institute
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Charles Calvert 3rd Lord Baltimore inherited the Proprietory Governorship of the Province of Maryland from his father the second Lord. Maryland had been founded by the Calverts as a Catholic fiefdom analogous with the Puritain settlements in New England, and as Governor, Calvert strove to keep his Province free from Protestant settlement and worship. He entered into dispute with his neighbour William Penn concerning borders no doubt exacerbated by their religious differences, and whilst he was in London answering a commission into the disputes the Glorious Revolution occurred. Calvert never returned to the colony and in 1689 the Charter was withdrawn and Maryland became a directly ruled Crown Colony. On stylistic evidence this portrait must have been painted long into Lord Baltimore's resettlement in England, and so the allusions to the journey that he would never make and the territories that he would never see again are especially poingnant.
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