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Portrait of James V of Scotland (1512 - 1542) c.1536-37

Corneille de Lyon 

Portrait of James V of Scotland (1512 - 1542), Corneille de Lyon
Oil on Panel
16th Century
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In the year following James's birth his father James IV of Scotland was killed at the Battle of Flodden, and from then until he finally secured his personal power in 1528 his life was the frightening and constrained existence of Kings in their minority traded between contesting regents. As monarch he revived the Auld Alliance with France and married Madeline de Valois, the daughter or Francis I of France and then following her death Mary of Guise, by whom he had a daughter Mary who would succeed to the throne after him. His two sons James and Arthur died in infancy. The death of Mary of Guise in 1541 was followed by war with England, in which defeat precipitated his personal collapse. To him are attributed the words when he was told his daughter had been born, speaking of the Stuart dynasty: ''It began with a lass and it will end with a lass.'' Hi daughter was not of course the last of the Stuarts, but his words were taken as prophetic when Queen Anne of Great Britain became the last ruling Stuart.
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