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Portrait of King Henry VIII 1491-1547 1550c.

 English School 

Portrait of King Henry VIII 1491-1547,  English School
Oil on Panel
16th Century
21 1/2 x 16 1/2 inches 66.9 x 44.4 cm
The Boleyn family Until recently this picture hung in a British manor house, whose family derived from the Norman knight, Sir Thomas Bullen. Bullen was the early rendering of the name Boleyn - Anne being the second wife of Henry VIII and the most celebrated member of the Boleyn family.
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A number of similar portraits are recorded. This would almost certainly be one from a set of corridor pictures of kings, which were to be found in many Elizabethan long galleries.
This particular image derives from the full frontal by Hans Holbein c.1537 for the Privy Chamber at Whitehall (since destroyed by fire). A cartoon for this portrait by Hans Holbein exists in the National Portrait Gallery.
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