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Portrait of Anne Greenly 1760s

Thomas Gainsborough RA (172788)

Portrait of Anne Greenly, Thomas Gainsborough RA
Oil on canvas
18th Century
30 x 25 inches 76.2 x 63.5 cm
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This portrait of Anne Greenly shows the qualities that made Gainsborough stand out from his contemporaries; the pose is restrained by the degree of subtle animation, the tilt of the head back from the rigid angle favoured by more conventional portraitists and the sense of engagement with the viewer all mark Gainsborough's exceptional talent. The influence of the painter's exposure to Van Dyck is beginning to be felt in Bath period works such as this, where the treatment of the blue bows at the sitter's neck and on her dress are painted in a vigorous brushy manner learnt from the great Flemish master.
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