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Portrait of Enoch Powell (1912-1998) 1964

Juliet Pannett 

Portrait of Enoch Powell (1912-1998), Juliet Pannett
Charcoal and coloured chalk on paper
20th Century
16 ½ x 12 ½ inches, 42 x 32 cm
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This statesmanlike depiction of one of the twentieth century’s most famous politicians was drawn from life in February 1964. The portrait shows Powell after his short time (just fifteen months in a parliamentary career of thirty-seven years) as a Cabinet Minister. Despite having served as Health Minister under Macmillan, Powell, who had supported R. A. Butler for the Tory leadership, refused to serve under Lord Home.

Juliet Pannett was an artist renowned for her characterful drawings of politicians. For six years she had her own seat in the House of Commons gallery, as the sketch artist for the The Illustrated London News. In the same year that she drew this portrait she portrayed Winston Churchill leaving the Commons for the last time. Pannett produced portraits of no less than eight prime ministers.
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