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Portrait of Mr Arnold Fellows in evening dress 1930c.


Portrait of Mr Arnold Fellows in evening dress,  Haggis
Oil on canvas
20th Century
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Mr Arnold Fellows was a pupil at Queen Mary’s Grammar School, Walsall, between 1911 and 1917. He became a Master of the school for a brief period, before moving to spend the remainder of his life as a teacher at Chigwell School in Essex. Fellows devoted much of his life to collecting art and eventually donated his entire collection to Queen Mary’s Grammar School. He appears to have been a supporter and friend of John Haggis, and there are several letters between the two now housed in Queen Mary’s Grammar School archives. The school owns this painting along with some twenty five other Haggis landscape paintings.

In this particular portrait, Haggis relies upon the restrained elegance of a dinner jacket in order to create a subtle composition in a low keyed palette of black and white, set against the cacophony of fleshy tones describing Mr Fellow’s face. His expression betrays his penetrating concentration, and the feeling of intensity in their silent company is notably profound.
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