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Portrait of Charles II 1630 - 85 1655c.

Pieter Nason, Circle of 1612 - 1690

Portrait of Charles II 1630 - 85, Pieter Nason, Circle of
Oil on canvas
17th Century
29 3/4 x 24 inches 75.5 x 61. cm
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This portrait dates from the period when Charles was in exile in Europe, before returning to England to reclaim the throne in 1660. It shows a younger, more idealistic figure than the face that we have become familiar with through the portraits of Lely.

Nason was a Dutch portraitist who worked mainly in the Hague, where he painted the nobility, including a number of English visitors, particularly ''Oliver St. John'' and ''Walter Strickland1. It was probably then that he painted a portrait of Charles II which was later engraved by C Van Dalen and Sandrart. His later style indicates that he may have visited England, probably sometime in the 1660''s, which was most likely facilitated by this initial Royal contract in the Hague. A number of distinguished British portraits by Nason from the late 1660''s are recorded.
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