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Portrait Bust of Sir Stafford Cripps (1886 - 1952) 1946

Siegried Charoux 

Portrait Bust of Sir Stafford Cripps (1886 - 1952), Siegried Charoux
20th Century
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Sir Stafford Cripps was notable among Labour politicians in the years surrounding the second world war for an uncompromising socialism far to the left of the party leadership embodied by Clement Attlee. This air of the political devot was enhanced by his apparent severity, and the vegetarian diet which may have contributed to his cadaverous, ascetic appearance. He was Chancellor of the Exchequer from 1947 until he was forced to resign due to ill-health, during which time he placed the nation under a regime that matched his personal austerity. This however may well have been the right medicine for a country exhausted and impoverished by victory and won him the admiration of colleagues across party lines. In one notable aberration, however, in an earlier period as President of the Board of Trade he let the naivety of his Socialist ideals guide him into giving Stalin techincal information on jet engines for fighter aircraft and a licence to produce versions of those engines in Russia.
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