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Portrait of a young boy 1700

Thomas Gibson (c.1680-1751)

Portrait of a young boy, Thomas Gibson
oil on canvas oval
18th Century
30 x 25 inches 76.2 x 63.5 cm
... excellent skill in painting of portraits true drawing & just likeness, alwayes exact, he was much followed by the young students in the Accademys he alwayes practized a correct & firm manner of drawing ... Walpole Society 1933 - 34, Vertue N
Thomas Gibson was a leading portrait painter in London. Both a follower and a friend of Kneller's, he was an early director of his Academy and his work was profoundly influenced by the Augustan style in which Kneller worked. He was a close friend of George Vertue and moved in clerical and intellectual circles, painting among others, Archbishop Wake, George Vertue and Locke, and is himself included in a large painting by Smibert, the ''Virtuosi of London*. Many of his paintings of clergymen were engraved, by Vertue and others. Gibsonís main patron was Earl Poulett, for whom he painted a number of family portraits. His last recorded painting was in 1742 when he painted Augusta, Princess of Wales and her four children.

This is an outstanding example of Gibsonís style - linear in design, high and florid in colouring and showing a well-ordered formality typical of the Augustan style of portraiture at the turn of the Century.
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