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Portrait of a House Steward, John Pollock 1769 - 1837 1822

George Garrard (1760-1826)

Portrait of a House Steward, John Pollock 1769 - 1837, George Garrard
Oil on canvas
19th Century
18 1/4 x 14 1/4 inches 46.4 x 36.2 cm
George Garrard, best known as a painter and sculptor of animals was commissioned in the early 1820s by George Lane Fox of Bramham Park to paint a series of portraits of various servants at the house. Although servant portraits appear sporadically in the history of the English country house, commissioned by enlightened landowners who viewed their servants and retainers as an extended family, certainly the family of their house, sets of an scope and completeness remain a rarity and the Bramham set are a highly important, and moving collection of portraits not only in their characterisation but in the way that they put each sitter within the detailed world of their responsibilities, and as many servant portraits do not, provide a fascinating and exact guide to the below stairs world of late Georgian England.

Family papers on deposit with the Leeds Record Office reveal that the Steward was a man named John Pollock, shown here in the considerable comfort of the Steward's room.
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