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Portrait of King Louis XVIII (1755 - 1824) 1814c.

Anthony Francois Callet 

Portrait of King Louis XVIII (1755 - 1824), Anthony Francois Callet
Oil on canvas
19th Century
20 x 17 1/4 inches 50.8 x 43.8 cm
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King Louis XVIII as Comte de Provence was the younger brother of Louis XVI. He dated his succession to the throne from the death of his nephew the Dauphin in 1795, the titular Louis XVII. Louis XVIII's reign effectively began, however, with the Bourbon restoration in 1814 after Napoleon was exiled to Elba. The Emperor's return for the Hundred Days forced the King to flee Paris again, but he returned after Napoleon's final defeat at Waterloo and ruled until his death in 1824.
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