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Portrait of the Three Egerton Sisters 1601-1602

 English School c.1600 

Portrait of the Three Egerton Sisters,  English School c.1600
Oil on canvas
16th Century
51 3/4 x 50 7/8 in.
By repute to The Earls of Dysart; Sold in 1824 by Rodd; Captain Evelyn Broadwood of Lyne House, Capel, Surrey; The Broadwood Trust, by whom sold at Sotheby's 1977; Christopher Gibbs; Simon Sainsbury Collection
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This important portrait of three girls was recently identified by Philip Mould Ltd as being of Elizabeth, Vere and Mary Egerton. The portrait was painted in c.1601.

The picture was described in 1824 by Horatio Rodd as;

"Egerton, Elizabeth, Vere, & Mary, Granddaughters of Lord Chancellor Egerton. Canvas, 54 inches by 54, three whole length figures at the ages of 3, 5, and 6, richly habited in green, and ornamented by jewels, hands joined and each holding a feather fan: an undoubted picture, by Marc Garrards, and in a most singular carved frame of the time; the whole in very excellent preservation, painted about 1603. Elizabeth, Vere, and Mary, daughters of Thomas Egerton (eldest son of the Lord Chancellor) by Elizabeth his wife, daughter of Thomas Venables, Baron of Kinderton, in the county of Cheshire, Esq. Elizabeth married Thomas Dutton, of Dutton, in Cheshire; Vere, William Booth, son and heir of Sir George Booth, of Dunham, in the said county, Knight and Baronet; and Mary, Sir John Leigh, of Stonely, in the county of Warwick, Bart."
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