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The Music Lesson 1890c.

Walter Bonner Gash 

The Music Lesson, Walter Bonner Gash
Oil on canvas
19th Century
49 1/2 x 33 inches 126 x 84 cm
Descent within the artist''s family.
This delightful painting is full of the qualities that make the work of Walter Bonner Gash as popular now as when it was executed. The artist studied at the Lincoln School of Art and then at the Academie des Beaux Arts at Antwerp, where, no doubt, he fully absorbed the international style that is so apparent in the soft luminescence that animates this tableau.

Domestic episodes such as this -given a somewhat elegiac slant- formed a staple of Gash's oeuvre, as did the portrayals of beach scenes and children, that had then -as now- a universal appeal.

Gash exhibited three times at the Royal Academy. In 1896 the records show the entry of Studying the New Woman (1239), in 1898 of Selling Flowers (539) and in 1904 of Sorting Plums (136).
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