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Portrait Study of a Girl 

Sir Edwin Henry Landseer (1802-73)

Portrait Study of a Girl, Sir Edwin Henry Landseer
Oil on canvas
19th Century
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Sir Edwin Henry Landseer was one of the most successful artists working in Victorian England, and is best known for his paintings and drawings of animals.

Landseer received royal patronage at numerous points throughout his career, perhaps his best known commission being Windsor Castle in Modern Times painted 1841-45 which epitomizes the Victorian taste for highly pitched colouring and the display of companionship between animal and man.

However, the delicacy of this oil sketch reminds one that Landseer was as accomplished in the depiction of human sitters as he was in painting their dogs, and before being usurped by the advent of Fanz Xavier Winterhalter was a favourite painter of Queen Victoria.
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